How it works

The aim of BAMify Ads is simple - get more traffic to your sites for FREE

Here is how easy it is:

Step 1.

Sign up for a free account - we'll give you 5,000 credits, which are what you need to display your ads on our network.

Sign up only takes 2 minutes, and your credits cost nothing. We only need basic details from you.

Step 2.

Create Adspaces, which will serve our ads, and place them on one or more of your websites (it doesn't matter which ones). Each time an Adspace is displayed you earn more credits.

Adspaces are easy to create, and installing just requires you to copy and paste a tiny bit of code. It is very easy and requires no technical knowledge.

Step 3.

Create some Adverts, in the form of banners or text, and get free traffic to your site!

You can have as many adverts as you want. Your adverts can be text or images, and we support a large number of different image sizes, including all industry standard sizes.

Get started

There are other ways you can get credits too: