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Totally free, no catches, and no card.

Add to your website - Copy & paste a couple of lines of code into your website or app.
Upload your advert - All standard ad sizes are supported. You can add images or text ads.
Your advert is distributed - We use your credits to show your advert across our network.




See where your credits come from and where they are going with our analytics. Keep up to date in real-time with the number of adverts your websites and apps are serving. See how your credits are being used to serve your adverts across our network.


Our Platform

Our platform is unique, stable and very, very fast. We use an array of load-balanced servers and serve your ads from the quietest server at the time. This is all done in a fraction of a second so the ads are served before your website or app is ready, so your visitors are never waiting.

iPhone and Android

iPhone and Android

We have thousands of websites using BAMify Ads. We also do mobile ads, allowing you to have your adverts shown to thousands of mobile users on the go. You can specify whether to show your ads to mobile users, website users, or both. It’s easy to integrate for mobile too.



Refer people to us and we’ll give you 5,000 credits. When the user buys credits at any point in their life you get a big chunk of the cash. Use our analytics to see how many referrals you have received, how much you’ve earnt and monitor your conversion rate to maximise your earnings.

BAMify Ads is a new way of approaching Internet advertising, which previously has followed the same sort of ideas as traditional media, with the concept of advertisers and publishers.

This traditional approach might generate revenue, directly for the publisher and indirectly for the advertiser, but it misses out on the fact that often in the world of web advertising the publisher might also be an advertiser, and vice versa.

As we see with other ad publishing networks, like Google AdSense, and advertising networks, like Google AdWords, these two very much intertwined sides are kept divided. Why is this?

Advertising on the web does not incur a cost to the publisher, in the same way it would in traditional media - through pages in a magazine or airtime on the television. Internet content is essentially free, in terms of publishing, so why can't advertising be free too?

This is where BAMify Ads comes in - we are a free ad network that will give you absolutely free Internet traffic to your website, with no catches, ifs or buts.

The concept is extremely simple - you become both the advert publisher and advertiser. By publishing ads for free from our network on your websites, you in turn can advertise for free across our advert network.

Our network can be thought of more as traffic distribution, because the common goal is to cross-promote websites and get you more visitors, all without any cost to you.

Of course there will always be a market for paid advertising on the web, but we believe BAMify Ads caters to a very important, and indeed very significant, but often overlooked audience on the web. Paid advertising is okay if you're a big company with a significant advertising budget, but that is not the case for the vast majority of websites that are out there and vying for traffic.

Because BAMify Ads is zero cost advertising, we give everyone, no matter how big or small, the ability to promote their website. It doesn't matter if you run a blog, have a Facebook or Twitter page, an ecommerce store or a forum community, we will help bring unlimited amounts of traffic to your website.

As a BAMify Ads user, you have full control over the adspaces you publish, in terms of their size, type (text, images or both) and also the sort of advert categories you wish to display. You also don't have to place adspaces on the sites you are wanting to promote - the websites can be completely separate, as long as you are displaying adspaces somewhere, you are earning the right to publish your ads on our free advertising network.

When you sign up we will give you 5000 free credits, so you can start advertising across our network immediately. Then just publish some of our adspaces on your website and see your web traffic increase for free, as you earn more credits and your ads are in turn displayed more and more.

You can also earn even more credits through our affiliates system. Just recommend us to your friends and associates and get them to sign up via your affiliate link to earn 5000 credits for each sign up!

Free advertising is here, so sign up and start increasing your traffic right away.