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Reckless New Media - Web design and development

As a web design and development studio we recommend BAMify Ads to all of our clients. Free advertising with no catches is always a no-brainer. We receive lots of relevant traffic from the BAMify Ads network every day, and we have never paid anything for it.

We advertise on some of our mobile apps and some of our websites and blogs, this allows us to drive lots of free, relevant traffic to our main website. Because we have ads on a few websites we constantly have lots of credits and never have to show ads on our main website.

Reckless New Media


We have a network of blogs where we display BAMify Ads AdSpaces. This gives us a steady stream of credits which we use to get traffic to our main website. We have had a ton of sign ups through traffic from BAMify Ads, which is amazing considering it's free.


PlayEject - Movie and game reviews

BAMify Ads is now delivering relevant traffic to us every day. Visits from BAMify Ads accounts for 10% of our overall visits, and they are consistantly the visitors who stay on our website the longest, making it amoung the best traffic we receive. All of this and it has never cost us a penny.

Play Eject

We show ads on our eBay help website and recommend it to our visitors to help promote their listings. It has worked great for us.
Dave (Alternatives to eBay)
The vast majority of our iPhone app downloads come from people finding us via BAMify Ads, without it we wouldn't even have a business.
Andy Williams
We get more traffic from BAMify Ads than we do from any other source, and it's free - can't ask for more than that! Ady Moore
I've made more money using BAMify Ads than I have using any other advertising platform, and it's free. I'm not sure I'd have a business without it.
James Birchwood
I use BAMify Ads to promote my open-source project. It's fantastic for me as I haven't a budget, but I do have some traffic already.
Scott Moules
My agency recommends BAMify Ads to every client. It's just a total no-brainer. It costs nothing, it generates traffic and it takes no time to implement. Thanks.
Stuart Gosling
I run a network of small sites that try and compliment my main web store with BAMify Ads on. The traffic from it is truly amazing.
Pete Richards
Our traffic has increased 3,000% since we started our first campaign on BAMify Ads, and it hasn't cost us anything - not a dime.
Kathryn Smith