What is BAMify Ads?
It's an ad network built on sharing. Most ad networks have a simple model; get website owners to display advertiser's ads on their website, when someone clicks, the website owner gets paid, and so does the ad network.

We're different. We don't deal in clicks, we deal in impressions, and our primary goal isn't to make money, unlike most ad networks. So, if you have a very niche website, it doesn't matter. At BAMify Ads we allow website owners to swap ad space with other website owners -- in a nutshell.

How does it all work?
You show ads on your website or blog (or anywhere!), for every impression you get at least 1 credit. Credits can be redeemed for impressions of your website on other websites. It's that simple.

I don't get lots of visitors, what can I do?
You could try opening up a new website or blog and try to get more visits that way, there are no limits to how many sites can earn you credits. Failing that, there is the ability to buy credits.

I want to get more credits, what's the fastest way?
You can buy credits from us. They're very cheap and can be used for any ad you like, and they don't expire.

Is there anything not allowed?
We don't want to offend anyone. We don't allow pornography, offensive, or abusive ads on our network. If you're unsure as to whether it would be allowed just think to yourself whether it would be allowed on a highstreet billboard, if the answer is no then the likelihood is the ad will be pulled. If you're still unsure then get in touch.

Got any more questions? Get in touch with us, we're a friendly bunch.